We support our clients’ people, and how they enable strategy to become reality, with five service offerings:

Global Executive

We provide reliable and innovative one-stop-shopping in executive coaching for global companies.

Our services include

  • Access to top executive coaches nearly anywhere in the world
  • Matching of coach and coachee
  • Briefing of coaches
  • Quality, ethical assurance and evaluation of the entire process
  • Real-time reporting of assignment status and financials
  • Key account management to resolve all questions and administrative issues with one contact person.

The Global Coaching Group guarantees global reach and fast access to top coaches

  • Our coaches speak the language of our clients. They know their business, local markets and cultures
  • One of our key assets is the set of trusted personal relationships with and between our coaches. We have established these relationships over many years through community building and mutual support, sharing and learning.

We also offer coaching via telephone and web-conference and typically recommend a mix of face-to-face and phone or web coaching.

Together with our clients, we co-create global coaching programs. We configure our best practice processes and tools to serve our clients’ specific and ever-changing needs for today and tomorrow.

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Team Coaching

Aligned senior teams are key to making potential competitive advantage become a reality. They are a must-have for the development of collaborative and agile organizational cultures.

Similar to individual coaching, team coaching spans a period of time. With a coach at their side, teams:

  • Meet several times (e.g. quarterly)
  • Work on both business and cultural topics
  • Align priorities and ways of interacting
  • Learn to tap into their collective intelligence.

In our experience team coaching works best if it is combined with individual coaching for the team lead.

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Coaching Enablement
(Skills, Supervision, Management)

Is your organization at the forefront of bringing coaching skills to all who need them? For example your first line managers? Are you considering building a coach pool of internal coaches?

In initiatives like these, we enable our clients to spread coaching throughout their entire organization. We offer:

  • Coaching skills programs for leaders, managers, mentors and internal coaches
  • Coaching supervision and continuing education
  • Coaching management processes and tools, such as our coaching management platform.

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Leadership is first of all a matter of “being”. People lead according to “who they are”. Therefore, leadership skill development without inner work on mindset shifts has proven not to be very successful.

Organizational transformation starts with the transformation of its leaders. Otherwise it is limited by the level of consciousness of its senior leaders. And, leadership is not about leaders. Leadership is a relationship between those who lead and those who follow – regardless of titles and positions. For this relationship to be powerful, everyone involved needs to initiate, agree, oppose, and facilitate at the right time and place. This collective leadership requires skillful dialogue and the right mindset – and it can best be learned when closely blended with organizational problem solving.

Our “Leadershift” Transformation offering augments an organization’s capacity to lead, to follow, and, in the end, to be responsive to changing environments. We do this through:

  • Transformational Leadership Journeys or
  • Workshop-based leadership alignment processes or
  • A blended process of organizational mindset shift through web-based video inputs, guided reading and web-conferences for hundreds of people or
  • A combination of the above.

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Integrated Organizational
and Cultural Transformation

We support organizations in creating long-lasting success based on meaning, connectedness, vitality, creativity and a capacity for ongoing adaption.

Research shows that successful organizational transformation initiatives have two things in common:

  • They value the human and cultural factors as much as the business case, and
  • They apply an integrated, multidimensional approach.

We have a long history of working with individual and organizational behaviors and mindsets. And we learn from our own evolution. All this we bring to our integrated approach to organizational transformation. Our approach blends the development of individual mindsets, behaviors, skills, culture, strategy, structure and process in organizations.

Integrated Organizational and Cultural Transformation may include all of our offerings plus large group facilitation as needed.

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