Think of a company’s vision as its destination, and the company’s purpose as its energy source. The company’s values chart the path that is right for the organization so that it travels safely and lightly to its destination. Like signposts these values help people to stay on track. And, like springs of water along the way, they replenish them from time to time.


We are pioneers.

Our courage fuels change. We go beyond models, concepts and tools and aim to re-invent our work in all our interactions.


We seek high quality and pragmatic solutions.

for our clients in everything we do. We constantly reflect upon what else would benefit our clients today to help them prepare for tomorrow.


We stand in awe before the endless potential of the human being.

We inspire organizational success through personal fulfillment. We seek to engage the full human being to unfold the organization’s purpose.


We stand firmly by our clients and each other and work eye-to-eye.

With core questions, we probe – with respect, deep listening, honest feedback and mutual challenge. We care beyond the contract.


We seek lightness in our work and our relationships.

We laugh often and enjoy our lives. We believe humor is a great ally in times of change.


Our vision is to fulfill human potential at work and in society. We have a dream that:

  • Workplaces and communities become full of meaning, connectedness, autonomy and simplicity.
  • People are inspired by conscious leadership, show who they truly are and bring their heart to their work and lives.
  • Businesses and other organizations enjoy ethical, long-lasting success and contribute to a world, in which we, our children, and grandchildren, want to belong.

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