Are we humans more than Human Resources? At the Global Coaching Group we believe – Yes, indeed we are! We hold that a human being has a beautiful core that is filled with creativity, resourcefulness and wholeness. This core carries a person’s full potential, which wants to unfold in a lifetime and longs to serve a meaningful purpose. We are in good company with our belief: ancient thinkers like Plato, and modern thinkers like Heisenberg as well as current spiritual and world leaders believe in this core and call it soul.

Businesses that are connected with their soul thrive on the full potential of their people. They fulfill purpose, are highly engaged, innovate, satisfy clients, and ultimately, enjoy ethical, long-lasting success.

Long-Lasting Value

Working with us strengthens what is often the weakest link in growing and evolving companies. Our clients are individuals, teams and whole organizations. With us at their side, they develop mission-critical mindsets, cultures, and behaviors, as well as strategies and processes. They build the otherwise missing link for the sustained growth and evolution of their teams and business. Our joint work creates lasting, measurable and un-measurable value. Every single client of ours believes that our cooperation has been well worth the investment.


Engaging in truthful conversations

We create safe spaces for truthful conversations. There, entrepreneurs and executives share their deepest longings and wildest dreams. Once spoken, we help make these dreams a reality.

In our safe spaces:

  • Client teams speak directly from their hearts and minds. This allows them to make fast and courageous decisions.
  • Clients learn to trust their intuition, judgment and willingness to learn as they go. This helps them solve their most ambiguous problems.
  • Members of organizations develop trust and commitment. This supports them to lead in uncharted territories of evolution and even transformation. With trust and commitment the new can emerge and people are fully engaged.


Receiving respect, trust and commitment

Business success rests on four pillars: technical excellence, business prowess, people brilliance and cultural alignment. But don’t make the mistake of looking at your people as resources. They will sense it and turn on their defense mechanisms. Instead, we invite you to love them as human beings. At all times. The chances are, you will then receive respect, trust and commitment.


Saying what we mean and doing what we say

We aspire to be role models in what we believe in. For example, we believe in the future of organizations which:

  • Value self-organization,
  • Invite the full human being the work, and
  • Serve a meaningful purpose.

Since 2015, the Global Coaching Group has been on its way to becoming a self-organized global community of freelance coaches and transformational experts. With that experience, we have become credible partners for clients who are undergoing similar transformations.

Five values guide us to stay on track






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