Our clients gain access to our strategic partners:

  • Like-minded executive coaching networks from around the world.
  • A cutting edge provider of a blended (digital and personal) process for individual transformation and mindset shift – Transformation at your fingertips!
  • An innovative, reliable and scalable coaching management platform for workflow and financial management.


Likeminded communities around the world

We work with strategic partners of like-minded executive coaching networks from around the world in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Together we access a network of 300+ top executive coaches worldwide. One of our partners offers transformation facilitation for large organizations around the world.


Transformation into the digital age

We work intensively with a provider who brings personal transformation into the digital age. Their process and platform allow the scaling of mindset shift for thousands of people at a very affordable cost and in a short time. This scaling improves an organization’s capacity for engaged and trustful dialogue and agile collaboration.

The Global Coaching Group offers to customize a blended process and complement it with individual and team coaching where needed.

The cutting-edge blended process facilitates individual transformation and mindset shift towards taking leadership of one’s life and work. Components are

  • Web-based video inputs
  • Guided individual reflection, guided conversations among buddies, team reflection and action
  • Web-conferences.

The process is managed on a web-based platform that supports:

  • Community building
  • Exchange among participants
  • Transparency of individual and collective progress.

The Global Coaching Group is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of clients in transformation. We offer to configure our partner’s process and tools for the benefit of team and company transformation.


Innovative, reliable and scalable

The Global Coaching Group is uniquely positioned to manage large numbers of coaching assignments through its web-based coaching platform “CoachingInfo”. We offer this platform to clients who seek a management tool that allows them to manage large pools of coaches and coaching assignments.

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