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The Global Coaching Group is led by founder and CEO, Christa Schöning, and Co-CEO, Franz Neumeyer.



Christa - A Personal Story

I am a passionate entrepreneur and live to coach. When I was a kid, I often helped out in my dad’s business. 

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My father invented cutting edge gardening techniques and produced high quality azaleas for the European market. After graduating from Business School, I went into banking. There I gained a wealth of international experience over 13 years of living and working in Europe and the U. S. In my last position, as Managing Director at Metzler Asset Management, I was one of the few women in Germany licensed to run a bank by the German financial regulator.


In banking, I learned how to build and nurture trusting partnerships with my clients. Over time, I could not quench my thirst for meaningful work there anymore. That’s why I became a coach in 2001. In 2006 I received the credentials of Master Certified Coach, the highest accreditation the International Coaching Federation awards. To me coaching is a calling and a way of life. It allows me to live my personal purpose: Touching Souls.


In 2007 I combined my love for coaching and my passion for business. I founded the Global Coaching Group. My vision was twofold: to bring the best coaches of the world to the best companies of the world. And to give the best coaches a home. In 2015, I felt we had achieved this vision. Since then, I have been working with my colleagues to re-invent the Global Coaching Group. We re-defined our purpose Connecting Business and Soul, we expanded our service offerings to include transformation support and we started our journey to becoming a larger, self-managing organization.


Franz - A Personal Story

"Be the change you want to see in the world." This quote, which is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, has been with me since 1989.

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In 1989, I worked with a coach for the first time in my life. I had studied engineering and worked at an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the Bavarian automotive industry. I had quickly advanced in the hierarchy until, at a certain point, I was not offered another, highly desired promotion. I was told that I had too little sense for people. That hurt. And it was the starting point for my first personal transformation. I learned that listening well to others starts with listening well to myself.


My personal work paid off quickly. In 1995, I was promoted to Managing Director for the North American Business of the OEM. But, in 2005, I again encountered a personal crisis. I could not believe in “faster, higher, further” any more. I returned to Germany seeking to understand my innermost core and its longings. I developed yoga and meditation practices that support me to this day. I also took two sabbaticals, spending them alone in nature to get in touch with my soul.

I learned that I find meaning and joy in being an inspiring development partner for pioneers in business. I love to work with people who believe like me that long-lasting business success happens in accord with the true nature of the human being.


For the longest time, I had been working under my own brand to bring my purpose to life. In 2015, I was invited by Christa to co-lead the re-invention of the Global Coaching Group and I have found my professional home here.

Our evolutionary story

Since 2015, the Global Coaching Group has been on its way to becoming a self-organized global community of freelance coaches and coach-minded transformation experts. 

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In 2007, Christa Schöning founds the Global Coaching Group. Her vision is twofold:

  • To bring the best coaches in the world to the best global companies and 
  • To give the best coaches in the world a home.


In 2013 Christa feels that her job is completed. A core network of more than 80 coaches and an extended network of 300+ coaches support clients worldwide. The entrepreneur in her seeks the next level: she starts working with Dr. Matthias Müller-Lindenberg, a strategy consultant and executive coach, and a former client, to disrupt the coaching industry and re-invent the Global Coaching Group.


In 2014 Franz recommends the book Reinventing Organizations written by organizational researcher and consultant Frederic Laloux, to Christa. Like many other executives, coaches and consultants, Christa, Matthias and Franz fall in love with Frederic’s ideas. The book describes companies from a wide range of industries, which are successful because they are different: they work with fluid hierarchies, live their purpose and fully leverage the creativity of colleagues. Frederic calls these organizations “evolutionary”.


At the 2015 Global Coaching Group conference, we discuss our ideas with our clients and colleagues. We show how “evolutionary” leadership benefits organizational transformation and creates measurable value. We commit to becoming an evolutionary organization ourselves. Our clients encourage us to follow this path.


In 2016 the New Global Coaching Group takes shape. We re-define our purpose to “Connecting Business and Soul”. We formulate our values: Courage, Professionalism, Aspiration, Co-Creativity, and Humor. We introduce additional service offerings.


Standing firmly in our mindset as coaches, we are now a full-service provider on the human and cultural side of organizational evolution and transformation. More than ten self-organizing teams of coaches and professionals emerge to develop the Global Coaching Group. And we create our new logo, the tree of life; a symbol of fertility, creation and wisdom in many cultures around the globe.


At the next client conference, in 2017, we celebrate our 10-year anniversary and present the new version of the Global Coaching Group to our clients. There, we commit to supporting our clients to re-invent themselves and their organizations.

Stepping Stones:

  • 2007: Christa founds the Global Coaching Group

  • 2013: Christa’s initial vision is achieved – many handpicked top executive coaches serve some of the most exciting global clients in the world and find a supportive community

  • 2014/2015: Frederic Laloux inspires us with his book Re-Inventing Organizations

  • 2015: We present our ideas of self-organization, unfolding the full potential of being human and evolving purpose in organization to our clients. They encourage us to go further

  • 2016: The New Global Coaching Group takes shape: we re-invent our foundations and self-organizing teams of coaches emerge

  • 2017: 10-year celebration. We present the New Global Coaching Group and our new logo - the tree of life - to our clients.


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