The Global Coaching Group is led by Axel Wallem, co founder and managing director, and the GCG team.


Sebastian – A Personal Story

A passion for developing business and human potential.

After 13+ years in different management positions in the manufacturing industry I dare to say that I found my home at GCG in 2023. On the one hand, it is the entrepreneurial way of working that I am drawn to since I grew up in a family run business. Working ‘out of the box’, serving customer needs, fail, learn, and rise again – now all of this is part of my profession.

On the other hand, it is coaching! Being Christa’s (founder of GCG) nephew I was able to join a GCG conference in 2012 and learned how “good leadership and people management” can foster business success and growth. Having been in studies of Business Coaching & Change Management at that time I was fascinated by the content and real experience cases. Throughout the years on the job I asked myself more often how we collaborate, what drives people, what makes them follow a leader, what makes them develop themselves. I understood that coaching can play a key role in people’s and organizational success. The idea of having an impact on people and being rewarded by their mastery, that is what I enjoy. Hence, coaching is the second part of my profession.

In addition, sensing the expertise, dedication and cohesion of the coaches attending that conference was impressive. It makes me feel proud and humble to be part of GCG and to pursue Christa’s and Axel’s vision to fulfill human potential at work and society.

Axel – A Personal Story

Creating new ways of working in today’s complex world.

I come from an engineering and business background and have worked for companies of many different sizes, ranging from a one-man entrepreneurial startup to a big multinational corporation employing hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide.

Like everyone I had to accept the fact that we live in a world which is becoming increasingly complex and is demanding for new ways of living and working in order to achieve meaning in one’s life.

In the past, the lack of mobility and information were perhaps the main obstacles for professional development. Nowadays it is the excess of mobility, which means, being stuck with your own big car in never ending traffic jams, and the excess of partly useless information available at a swipe of the fingertip, becoming even bigger challenges for us to deal with.

The technology which enables us to work from home and therefore eliminates long commuting drives to workplaces and useless discussions is not being embraced and adopted with enthusiasm. A major reason for this is that we are social beings and have to find the right equilibrium between the need of social interaction and the required loneliness to unleash all creativity and productivity to make this world a better place to live in.

In addition to that, rather “old school” mindsets that used to be the solution for past challenges are still being applied to the new realities that ask for different approaches.

The more experienced I become the more I deal with one single question: “How can we be true to ourselves and be part of and collaborate in larger organizations, like the cells in our bodies do?” By pursuing the answer to this question I became a coach more than ten years ago and helped Christa to found the Global Coaching Group.

Our evolutionary story

Since 2015, the Global Coaching Group has been on its way to becoming a self-organized global community of freelance coaches and coach-minded transformation experts.

In 2007, Christa Schöning founds the Global Coaching Group. Her vision is twofold:

  • To bring the best coaches in the world to the best global companies and
  • To give the best coaches in the world a home.

In 2014 the book Reinventing Organizations written by organizational researcher and consultant Frederic Laloux, inspired the Global Coaching Group to get to the next step. Like many other executives, coaches and consultants, Christa fall in love with Frederic’s ideas. The book describes companies from a wide range of industries, which are successful because they are different: they work with fluid hierarchies, live their purpose and fully leverage the creativity of colleagues. Frederic calls these organizations “evolutionary”.

At the 2015 Global Coaching Group conference, we discuss our ideas with our clients and colleagues. We show how “evolutionary” leadership benefits organizational transformation and creates measurable value. We commit to becoming an evolutionary organization ourselves. Our clients encourage us to follow this path.

In 2016 the New Global Coaching Group takes shape. We re-define our purpose to “Connecting Business and Soul”. We formulate our values: Courage, Professionalism, Aspiration, Co-Creativity, and Humor. We introduce additional service offerings.

Standing firmly in our mindset as coaches, we are now a full-service provider on the human and cultural side of organizational evolution and transformation. More than ten self-organizing teams of coaches and professionals emerge to develop the Global Coaching Group. And we create our new logo, the tree of life; a symbol of fertility, creation and wisdom in many cultures around the globe.

At the next client conference, in 2017, we celebrate our 10-year anniversary and present the new version of the Global Coaching Group to our clients. There, we commit to supporting our clients to re-invent themselves and their organizations.

Stepping Stones

  • 2017

    10-year celebration. We present the New Global Coaching Group and our new logo – the tree of life – to our clients.

  • 2016

    The New Global Coaching Group takes shape: we re-invent our foundations and self-organizing teams of coaches emerge


  • 2015

    We present our ideas of self-organization, unfolding the full potential of being human and evolving purpose in organization to our clients. They encourage us to go further

  • 2014/2015

    Frederic Laloux inspires us with his book Re-Inventing Organizations


  • 2013

    Christa’s initial vision is achieved – many handpicked top executive coaches serve some of the most exciting global clients in the world and find a supportive community

  • 2007

    Christa and Axel found the Global Coaching Group


With great sadness and sorrow, we had to say goodbye to our beloved friend, founder, and partner Christa. After a 5 years long fight with cancer her life came to an end on the 24th of September 2022.

Together we founded the Global Coaching Group with the mission to make this a better world. With her positivity and energy, she was an inspiration for us and our clients always motivating us to look at the positive side and the opportunities life present to us.

A large part of our life goes with her, she was a role model for us for many years, a lighthouse and simply the best person for us.

She had a great life, despite the setbacks of her illness.

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