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Building a global solution for executive coaching

at a world-leading manufacturer of shoes, clothing and accessories


Our client is a 50,000+ person company. They plan to invest in their top leadership talents through executive coaching for board members, senior vice presidents, vice presidents and senior directors. The aim is to have access to top coaches around the world working within a state-of-the-art coach management framework.


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Our client seeks support in selecting, hiring and quality controlling top executive coaches around the world. In addition, they need budget and status information of all centrally funded coaching work at their fingertips and in real time. 

The work starts by building a true partnership aimed at understanding the specific culture and needs of the client. We identify key needs and build solutions together with our client counterparts:

  • Ensuring access to exceptional coaches for individual and team coaching
  • Successful matching of coach and coachee 
  • Quality assurance and evaluation of all assignments 
  • Timely reporting of assignment status and financials with drill down functionality 
  • One-stop shopping – solving all client questions and administrative issues with one GCG contact person

Successful implementation and constant innovation of global executive coaching

  • Hundreds of executive and team coaching assignments
  • An end-to-end coaching process from coaching request to coaching evaluation
  • Coach management reporting tool implemented giving full transparency on assignment and financial status 
  • Client working with us as preferred global supplier 
  • Deep co-creative partnership between client and GCG – with regular exchange on changing needs of the client and innovations in the fields of coaching and organizational transformation
  • Based on the success of this project, GCG is asked to facilitate the client’s Global Leadership Journey – a top-down program of leadership workshops around the world targeting board to board minus 2 levels.

Culture Transformation at a global financial services provider who is facing digitalization and increasing regulation


Culture Transformation at a global financial services provide

who is facing digitalization and increasing regulation


Our client is a Leading Global Financial Services Provider with more than 100bn USD revenue. Facing a digital revolution and increasing regulation, the client’s leadership wants to transform the company culture to have:

  • Higher decision-making and implementation agility
  • Intuition, judgment and fast learning to complement calculated predictions
  • Seamless collaboration across company silos.

Concretely they want their top teams to role model more collaborative leadership through:

  • Open feedback
  • Dialogue on equal footing
  • Diversity in thought and language 
  • Willingness to take the risk of personal failure for the sake of fast learning.

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The client has already decided on a design for the workshops. But the design in itself does not address the greatest key challenge.
The company’s clearest strengths are stability and respect. However, strengths also have shadows. These shadows need to be addressed because:

  • High need for stability stifles fast group decision making in ambiguous situations
  • Dysfunctional forms of respect show up in norms such as “do not openly share negative feedback or controversial ideas in group discussions” or “speak very cautiously when there are seniors in the room.”

These shadows make the client’s decision making hierarchical, which leads to poorly informed or inefficient decisions. The client does not fully leverage the wisdom of their teams.



The client chooses us to deliver the process of interviews, coaching, workshops and follow up of the company’s top 150 teams

  • Two objectives: higher awareness for the required shift in leadership, and teamwork and concrete team-specific action 
  • Workshop cascade from board to teams three levels below board 
  • 13 GCG coaches
  • Six months duration.


The initiative increases awareness and triggers action in each team. The biggest impact is that teams and leaders become aware of the quality of their dialogue in group settings. For many, this is the first time they have ever conducted a team-wide dialogue about behaviors and values. For some, giving open feedback is still a challenge. 

After the workshops, 96% of all participants state that the workshops have contributed to a clearer understanding of the relationships within the team. “Facilitation by coaches” is rated the best component of the program. The teams walk away with a concrete action plan.

Building on the success of this initiative, we recommend the client expand the focus of the transformation to the individual leadership level (personal transformation journey) and to cross-functional relationships (cross-interface group facilitation).


Saving a fast-growing start-up

from fast disintegration.


Our client is a start up. It designs and sells branded, high-quality life style merchandise through social network influencers. Only nine months after its founding, the client has grown to 50+ people, is profitable, and is likely to double in size within the next 6-9 months. 


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Fast growth is causing strong centrifugal forces in the organization. There is an alarming sense of the company’s risk of disintegration. The CEO and the company’s investors realize there is a dangerous lack of leadership as demonstrated by the CEO, his leadership team, and the entire company:

  • CEO becomes painfully aware of the shortcomings of his command-and-control leadership style
  • He and his leadership team need to let go of certain details while still giving clear orientation to the team and ensuring that delivery stays on track
  • CEO and leadership team are young (30 years on average) and lack the fundamental awareness of people dynamics and the necessary skills to handle them
  • Chaos and adhocracy have become the fundamental pattern of operation in the company. To achieve its fast growth, it desperately needs more reliable internal processes and individual commitments
  • A culture of gossiping and drama is about to develop among the young (aged 25 years on average) and life-style oriented workforce (“hipsters”).



  • Individual coaching for the CEO and four key people in the organization
  • Half-day on-boarding workshop for the leadership team upon hiring a senior and experienced COO
  • One-day Top-10 leadership alignment workshop
  • Two-day Company Values co-creation workshop with representatives from all teams
  • Live-the-values initiative: design and implementation of formal feedback and appraisal processes plus feedback skills workshops.


  • CEO and core people significantly improve leadership (vision, gravitas, delegation, conflict management, stress management, composure)
  • Trust and commitment among workforce increase – gossiping and drama drop to non-threatening levels
  • Client organization stays on track with growth and profit 
  • Intensive due diligence successfully managed
  • Client is ready to continue its fast growth and become a values-driven branded consumer goods player.

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