Building a global solution for executive coaching

at a world-leading manufacturer of shoes, clothing and accessories


Our client is a 50,000+ person company. They plan to invest in their top leadership talents through executive coaching for board members, senior vice presidents, vice presidents and senior directors. The aim is to have access to top coaches around the world working within a state-of-the-art coach management framework.

Our client seeks support in selecting, hiring and quality controlling top executive coaches around the world. In addition, they need budget and status information of all centrally funded coaching work at their fingertips and in real time.

The work starts by building a true partnership aimed at understanding the specific culture and needs of the client. We identify key needs and build solutions together with our client counterparts:

  • Ensuring access to exceptional coaches for individual and team coaching
  • Successful matching of coach and coachee
  • Quality assurance and evaluation of all assignments
  • Timely reporting of assignment status and financials with drill down functionality
  • One-stop shopping – solving all client questions and administrative issues with one GCG contact person

Successful implementation and constant innovation of global executive coaching

  • Hundreds of executive and team coaching assignments
  • An end-to-end coaching process from coaching request to coaching evaluation
  • Coach management reporting tool implemented giving full transparency on assignment and financial status
  • Client working with us as preferred global supplier
  • Deep co-creative partnership between client and GCG – with regular exchange on changing needs of the client and innovations in the fields of coaching and organizational transformation
  • Based on the success of this project, GCG is asked to facilitate the client’s Global Leadership Journey – a top-down program of leadership workshops around the world targeting board to board minus 2 levels.

Culture Transformation at a global financial services provider who is facing digitalization and increasing regulation