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Christmas Greetings

Christmas is around the corner. Thousands of colorful lights illuminate the long Bavarian winter nights. The year is coming to a close and we would like to thank you for your kind support, partnership and inspiration throughout 2017.


“Connecting Business and Soul” has been our guiding light for all activities in 2017. It started with our successful GCG conference in May and before the end of the year we have launched our new website.


Furthermore, the work in our self-organized teams was intense and we have been able to create innovative coaching and transformation products. We are looking forward to present them to you in 2018.

But not only the “Soul” aspect played a big role this year, but also the “Business” element flourished.


Instead of sending Christmas cards and presents we donate money to “Draw a smile”. We have selected this organization as it is in line with our foundations:
“Draw a smile” is an organization to help all children, regardless of gender, origin or religion. The association is taking a stand to ensure that educational and developmental opportunities for children in Asia are realized. The principles of human rights provide the basis of their work, in particular, the United Nations Children’s Rights Convention. In the long run, the organization helps families to help themselves in the form of counseling services and development projects.


We wish you and your family the Christmas season's joys and wonders. Enjoy the holidays and maybe you find some quiet times to listen to your own soul.
With all our best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2018.


Your Global Coaching Group Team
Christa, Axel, Franz, Kathrin, Monika, Tanja and Veronica


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